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About Us

Volunteers handing out water bottles

Our Story

We see community engagement as the best way to bring about the changes a community wants and needs. North Carolina Volunteer Corps works to connect caring, dedicated, and passionate individuals with organizations making real changes. 

Organizations and leaders across North Carolina are making a real difference in their communities. By volunteering, the future is brighter for those around you.

Our Values

American democracy and freedom relies on the power of communities and motivated individuals enacting change. Through trust and a never-ending desire to be a better neighbor for all, our future is brighter.

By getting involved, your talents and skills can be put to use to make someone's life better. 

Our Mission

Through the use of media resources and the building of an online community, North Carolina Volunteer Corps aims to help local organizations amplify their voices in order to connect passionate Americans with organizations already doing good work.

Our Partners

We Believe the best way to make a lasting impact on our world is through collaboration. We are proud to be a partner of The Southern Economic Advancement Project (SEAP).  Learn More about their amazing work below.

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