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North Carolina Election Officials Work Across Party Lines

  • North Carolina is one of the best states in the country to be an election worker.

  • Sign up to be an election worker today!

Across the state, North Carolinians of different political parties work together to make sure elections are secure and fair.

Election Boards in North Carolina

Unlike other states where county boards can be drastically lopsided to favor one party or the other, North Carolina’s county boards have roughly the same number of Republicans and Democrats.

Both parties get to place two members on the county board, and the governor gets to place one member on the board.

Sitting on the county election board is not a full time job. This means members are not career politicians or lifelong bureaucrats. Local election board members are our neighbors.

Serve Your Neighbors: Become an Election Worker

Working the polls on election day is an act of public service. Election workers volunteer to set up and take down polling places, check in voters, and help voters as needed.

Are you a registered voter? Do you want secure elections? Do you want to serve your neighbors? Sign up to be an election worker.

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